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  • Touristic site
    Touristic site Treat yourself a trip to Nouvelle-France, restoring magical life of a French colony in the 17th century!
  • Reconstituted village
    Reconstituted village Stroll through the village in the company of people of the colonies and discover their crafts, their occupations and customs.
  • Mandamin show
    Mandamin show Attend the fabulous show Mandamin, the spirit of corn. A show for all ages within the theater's site.

Societe touristique de l'Anse-a-la-Croix

The société touristique de l'Anse-à-la-Croix was created in 1994, and administers the Site de la Nouvelle-France. In 2011, the company was consolidated with the Camping municipal de St-Félix-d'Otis to form a single entity.

In 2014, a new administrative board is appointed, the members are:

  • Director: François Déry
  • President: Pierre Deslauriers
  • Vice-president: Allen Perron
  • Treasurer: Linda Tremblay
  • Secretary: Dominique Côté
  • Trustee: Lucette Houde
  • Trustee: Lynda Noël
  • Trustee: Patrick Déry


Created in 1990 following the shooting of two film productions (Black Robe, 1990 and Shehaweh, 1992), the Site de la Nouvelle-France recreates daily life in a colony of Quebec City in the 17th century. The site was used again during winter 2015 for the filming of some sequencies of the documentary Le Rêve de Champlain.

For the sake of conservation of buildings reproductions, the site opened to the public in 1993. Since then, there are thousands of visitors every year.


Many activities are offered to visitors, such as a guided tour of the site punctuated by encounters with historical figures or show Mandamin, the spirit of the corn, combining aerial circus acts and a tasting of typical dishes. In addition, the site performs since 1996, in collaboration with Quebec Archaeology Laboratory at the University of Chicoutimi, some archaeological excavations which have provided insight occupation of Saguenay territory from prehistory to the contact period. During the operating season, an archaeologist transmit this knowledge to visitors during the guided tour.

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